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Why Groups?

We see throughout the book of Acts in the Bible that the Church met both in large groups weekly for worship and the reading of Scripture, but also from house to house throughout the week.  We were created for relationship, and so we believe a fulfilling life happens best in the context of meaningful relationships.  This is why group life is at the heart of what makes Discover Church home for so many. Our groups meet weekly in many locations and provide a place for you to connect, grow in faith, and share life with others.

It is through life together that our problems become smaller and God uses people to bring support and encouragement to our lives.  Even when you might not realize you need it, your small group will quickly become a place where others don’t just know your name, but care about what is happening in your life and want to support you in your spiritual journey.

What is a Group?

A Discover Church group is made up of people who share similar interests, are in the same stage of life, or want to learn from each other. People gather for all sorts of reasons whether it is playing a sport, having lunch during the work day, and studying the Bible together. The point is not what you meet about, it’s that you are regularly meeting with people and living in community as God designed you to do.

How Discover Church Groups Work

Groups meet throughout the year in three semesters, with breaks between each semester.  New groups start each semester, making it easy for you to get involved at any time. Some groups meet on an ongoing basis, so be sure to check the groups listing below to find out which groups are meeting and when.

Groups meet weekly in a variety of places like homes, parks, restaurants, coffee shops, and office buildings throughout the Hampden/Bangor region.

Typically a semester will land in these three seasons:

  • Winter Semester (February-April)
  • Spring Semester (May-June)
  • Fall Semester (September-November)

Psalm 119 Study


Our entire church is currently working through a study on Psalm 119 together.  In this season of Coronavirus and limited gatherings, we thought it best to do more to be on the same page as a church.  We would love to have you join.  If you’d like to grab some friends and family and learn at your own pace, you can connect to the study here.  You will need an account with RightNow Media, scroll to the bottom of this page to get an account if you don’t have one yet.  Study guides are also available to the link below.

Find Your Group

We have this easy-to-use online directory where you can search groups by topic, day, time, or location. Click on a few groups that interest you, and then contact the group leader through the “CONTACT GROUP LEADER” link to make plans to check it out in person. 

You can also make connections in person at church on Sundays – just ask a Serve Team member about small groups.

Current Groups available to join:

Group Day Time Ages Locations Location Topic Childcare? Status
Student Ministry (Grades 6-12) Sunday 5:00-7:00pm 11-18 Discover Church Discover Church - Worship Center Student No Open
Psalm 119 (Hosted by Joseph West) Sunday 6:00-7:30pm 18+ Discover Church Virtual - Online General Study No Open
Prayer (hosted by Lee Caron) Monday 10:00-11:00am 21+ Discover Church Discover Church - Classroom 1 Prayer No Open
Samaritan Food Pantry Unload Group (Hosted by Denise Lilly) Monday 11:30am-12:30pm 0+ Discover Church Discover Church - Downstairs Service No Open
Samaritan Food Pantry Distribute Group (Hosted by Denise Lilly) Monday 4:45-6:30pm 8+ Discover Church Discover Church - Downstairs Service No Open
Biblical Truths For Ordinary Lives - Men's Group (hosted by Larry Dearborn) Wednesday 5:30-6:30am 18+ Offsite (Offsite) CoVort Bangor Leadership, Men's No Open
Psalm 119 (Hosted by Jackie & Carl Murch) Thursday 6:00-8:00pm 18+ Discover Church (Offsite) Murch Home General Study No Open
MOPS / Moms Next (hosted by Mandi Rollins) Thursday 7:00-8:30pm 18+ Discover Church Discover Church - Worship Center Moms, Women's No Open
Psalm 119 (Hosted by Farrah Perry) Friday 9:30-11:00am 18+ Discover Church (Offsite) Perry Home General Study No Open
Psalm 119 (Hosted by Wanda Bean) Friday 6:30-8:00pm 18+ Discover Church (Offsite) Wanda's Home Bible Study, General Study No Open

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RightNow Media


As a part of Discover Church, we would like to offer you free access to RightNow Media—the world’s largest streaming library of video Bible study resources (we call it the “Netflix of video Bible studies”).  This is a tool that can help you live out your faith in every area of your life—at home, at work, and in your community. In addition to series on books of the Bible, RightNow Media has videos for everyone in your family on a variety of topics like marriage, parenting, personal finances, mental health, and more. There’s even a library just for kids with over 2,000 safe, entertaining videos. RightNow Media has a free app that’s available on all major streaming devices so you and your family can access content anywhere, anytime.