21 Days of Prayer

August 7-27, 2022

21 days of prayer.  august 07-27

Join us at Discover Church, in person, on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 7:00am (Aug. 9, 11, 16, 18, 23 & 25).  Participate in the online prayer service all other days.

At Discover Church, we believe that connecting with God through prayer is not only valuable, but necessary.  God moves when we seek Him, and we are changed as we grow closer to Him.

Twice a year we join Church of the Highlands along with churches all over the world in 21 Days of Prayer.  In January we add a season of fasting.

Each weekday, the live prayer service takes place at 7am EST, and on Saturdays it takes place at 10am EST. You can join live by clicking here and watching on the Church of the Highlands website.

During August 2022 we will meet together at the church at 7am each Tuesday & Thursday (7-27) to worship and pray together. If you are able to join in person, please do so! For those who cannot join in person, you can participate at home by watching the daily prayer services.



Get a digital copy of our prayer resources here.  Prayer Cards, books, and other resources are also available in print at Church.

Pray and be prayed for

Join our 21 Days of Prayer Facebook group to ask for prayer and pray for others throughout the week.

If you are not on Facebook, or would like to ask for private prayer, use the button below.